Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nissan v/s Toyota: Face to face comparison

Important to know about the Toyota Estima

This car is otherwise known as the Previa in the UK was launched in 1990. Unfortunately it could not gain much popularity due to competing models and competing brands. It was soon discontinued in Europe however there were and still are many fans who will vouch for this car. There are many details about this car one should know before purchase. Estima is by far one of the safest cars in the market even today. It is extremely spacious and comfortable. The audio system, central locking, power windows and the best of all the seven reclining seats are beyond description. Irrespective of the big size, Toyota Estima is very easy to handle being extremely driver friendly. The return value on this car is high compared to other brands which makes it a good investment. You can easily get a used Estima for a reasonable price. There are many well-maintained Estima up for sale which are more than often equivalent to a brand new car. Though some offers may seem irresistible, never fall prey to scams which are highly possible with the web world.

The luxury Nissan car

Nissan Elgrand is a sheer luxury. Its style makes it appear to be affordable only by the rich and elite which is not the case. This MPV came into the market in 1997 and has been remodeled many times, leading to three distinct models. They are E50, E51 and E52. The main competitor of this car is the Toyota Alphard better known as Toyota Vellfire. The Nissan Elgrand has been used my many celebrities across the world as a style statement, mainly in Japan and China. E50 or the First Generation version was produced from 1997 to 2002. This was followed by the Second Generation E51 which was available in the market in early 2002. From the interiors to engine specifications to the look and style of the car, every minute detail has been thought over by experts bringing about a very desirable car. The E52 or Third Generation was available in the market from 2010. Car lovers can still import desired models from different countries as not every country has an Elgrand market.
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