Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Know all about your dream car before purchase

An overview of the Toyota Supra

Between 1979 and 2002, Toyota came up with the Supra, a sports car with great oomph. This has been the car which has taken a very long production time in the history of the company’s production. The former Toyota Celica was improvised on to bring about the Supra, a longer, wider and sturdier car. Irrespective of the length of the car, the speed was not compromised on by the designers, ensuring the owners enjoy the thrill of a fast car. Due to the similarity between the Supra and Celica, these cars were often mistaken to be one and the same, however over a period of time Supra became a brand in itself. The luxury and overall power of the car has made this vehicle very famous. This iconic sports car is used in many video games and movies, that’s how popular this model became. Toyota stopped the production of this model officially in 2002 in Japan. However this does not stop one from buying the Supra. A simple online search will help you get acquainted with Supra for sale. There are many used cars that people want to sell and there is no better medium than the internet. Ensure that you have done considerable research before purchasing a supra for sale.

About the Lancer EVO

The Lancer Evolution that came out in 1992 sold like hot cakes. The 2500 Evolutions manufactured by Mitsubishi sold out within three days which is a very big achievement for any brand and in this case for Mitsubishi. This car was made keeping in mind key improvement areas, especially the turbo, engine and the fuel injection. The cooling system for the engine was made more efficient. The Evolution has a turbocharged engine along with a four-wheel drive mechanism which attracts one and all, especially the youth. Considering the popularity and unique features of this car, the anti-theft alarm system which comes with the car is very amusing. You can buy a used and a brand new lancer these days very easily. Compare prices between dealers to bag the right deal.

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