Monday, 20 May 2013

Of all Jap imports, Nissan Silvia S15 is the best in Austarlia.

Nissan Silvia S 15 sells the best the entire world over. Not only has it managed to silence it critics, who treated it more as a Gazelle than a coupe. It has even impressed the female drivers who need cars which steer better. Normally, the S series has been created with the male driver in mind. S series are better preferred in the all terrain rallies, where drift forms a necessary constituent in the sport. A car without drift could end banged up in the wall or in a gorge.

Nissan has to import cars to Australia. While the makers are trying all kinds of tricks to avert the fat tax on all Jap imports, the only logical way out of this dilemma, would be to set up a local manufacturing unit. The tax laws imposed are made to safeguard the interest of Australian auto-makers. It would be better to follow a simple plan to set up the manufacturing unit. This would result in the slashing of the tax-duty prices on all the models. Sales do not need a lot of attention as Nissan Automobiles have a large fan following in the Australian Continent.

Nissan Silvia S 15 is a favourite, both for the common man and the racer. Drifting is where the Silvia S15 performs a lot better than other Asian counterparts. It is particularly a craze in the young auto buyers, who take it out for a quick spin. Whatever be the reason, Nissan Silvia dominates all Jap imports. If you want  a S15, then you need to contact a dealer who import Jap cars to Australia.

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