Sunday, 12 May 2013

Deciding between a Lancer Evolution and Toyota Mark 2?

Japan has always been a worldwide leader in car manufacturing. It’s therefore not surprising that Japan is home to automotive manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Honda! Year after year, they churn out high performance vehicles that are available at the most reasonable prices. In spite of offering the vehicles at an affordable price, the vehicles are much advanced than their predecessors and have an upper hand over similar cars manufactured by European and American automobile companies.

Japanese car manufacturers thrive on competency and always deliver what they promise. In fact, it is their ability to stand on people’s expectations that makes them a preferred choice of people. If you wish to purchase a vehicle, you shouldn’t look beyond Japanese vehicles! They are an ideal choice and today, Japanese models are easily imported all over the world. If you are looking for the best import car Australia, here are a few options:

•    Lancer Evolution: Lancer Evo is a sedan by one of the leading car manufacturers Mitsubishi. Over the past couple of decades, evolution has seen 10 upgrades with each one corresponding to a roman numeral. So there have been 10 models between Evolution I and Evolution X! Though originally manufactured for the Japanese market, it found wide acceptance in the international arena.

•    Toyota Mark 2: Also known by its model name jzx110 1jz-gte, Toyota Mark 2 is a 1968 manufactured vehicle that still continues to be sold under different names like Toyota Camry and Mark X! It has an amazingly smooth front engine and offers a better fuel economy than all vehicles in the same price range.

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