Monday, 22 July 2013

Nissan Elgrand- True Luxury and Ultimate Class

Ever since it was introduced in 1997, the Nissan Elgrand has conquered the hearts of millions of car lovers around the world. In fact, celebrities across the world (especially those in East Asia) have endorsed the car.  When it was introduced in 1997, Elgrand was touted to be a tough competitor to the Toyota Alphard.

Today, they’re available in three versions- The First Generation, also called the E50, The Second Generation also called the Second Generation, and the third and final version called E52 that was introduced in 2010. There’s also the latest Nissan Elgrand S Series with the NISMO tune kit.  It was first unveiled at the Japan Auto Expo.

Nissan’s USP is its sleek and dated exterior; so much so, that even after the introduction of the second and third model, the first model hasn’t lost its charm and character.  Even second hand Nissan Elgrand for sale fetches a good price.

The engine used for Nissan Elgrand – the VQ35DE is indeed one of the best in the world, making it one of the best in the world. Just as the exteriors, the interiors too are A-Class.  They’re comfortably spacious with a sporty look, a nine inch television screen and DVD player.  Backseats can be flexibly moved to make way for extra room for dining or other activities.  Other interior features include side mirrors, rear roof spoilers, aluminum alloy wheels, chromed grille etc. They’ve also introduced the keyless feature that makes it convenient and comfortable for drivers who’re always on the go.

It is also a good performance car in terms of fuel consumption.  For instance, the actual performance on road for an E51 is around 9.5 kms which is not bad for a vehicle that has a 2.5 litre MVP.

Nissan Elgrand is undoubtedly the best car in the family luxury vehicle segment.  Although the car was initially designed to be a caravan extreme customization can change the entire look of the car.  Thus automatic curtains can be installed; heat systems can be introduced etc.

You can always source your Nissan Elgrand for sale from one of the many dealers for the vehicle. Before you buy, make sure that they have easy payment options and other additional features.

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