Monday, 7 January 2013

People mover and some other varieties of Japanese Vehicles

Japan has always been known for manufacturing some of the best vehicles. Hence, there is no surprise that most of the Japanese vehicles are imported by western countries. Here are some of the vehicles that have made it to the history books.

People Mover

Not many people are aware of what a people mover is. To begin with, it is a multi-seat vehicle. ‘People mover’ is originally an Australian term. It was Toyota that first made this kind of vehicle popular in the 1980s. This initiative was taken by the giant automobile manufacturing company to make sure that it effectively promotes Tarago, a MPV by nature which was designed to make a high number of passengers seat comfortably. 

People Mover is known by many different names in different countries. Usually, this type of vehicle is referred to as minibus of mini van. Some people also term it as mini utility vehicle or even people carrier. More often than not, it is usually used for commercial transport service purpose wherein a group of people are transported from one place to another and a certain amount of fee is charged to each one of them. 

Lancer evolution

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was no less than an evolution in the world of cars and automobiles. This car is popularly known as evo. It is one of the best sedans to have been produced ever. Most of the automobile experts believe that it is the highest performing sedan of all times. One of the highlights of lancer evolution is that it has been introduced to the world in as many as ten different versions. Apparently, all of them have gone onto create a sensation in the market. Originally, Mitsubishi wanted the lancer evolution to take over the Japanese market. However, with the popularity of the vehicle growing, very soon it was being exported to European markets on a very large scale. 

Out of the ten models, the evolution 8 is regarded as one of the best. This version went onto take the United States market by storm. The sales were mind-blowing to say the least. 

Nissan Stagea

The Nissan Stagea is popularly known as Skyline Wagon. As the name would suggest, the vehicle has been produced by Nissan. It was launched in the year 1996. According to reports and insiders, the vehicle was manufactured in order to give a tough competition to the touring wagon that was produced by Subaru Legacy. Three different versions of the vehicle have been introduced till date. However, in the year 2007, the company decides to not continue with the production of Nissan Stagea. Eventhough the production was ceased, the company continued to sell off the remaining stock. 

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